Maslovsky revenue house

08.07.2022 /

Address: Svobody St, 8 (originally Veterinarna St, in 1927-2016 Artema St)

In 1909 this yard place belonged to Ivan Mykolaevich Maslovsky, he was a retired lieutenant of the fleet. A historian Alexander Leibfreid said that the architect Moisei Lazarevich Meletinsky was the author of this project, but the exact years of construction are unknown (most likely 1911). The entrance has recently been renovated, and it could be called one of the best in the city. The Art Nouveau house was an architectural monument.

Photo ~1930s. The pediment did not survive the WWII, some other details of the facade were also lost

Maslovsky revenue house was destroyed during rocket attack on Kharkiv by Russian troops on March 14, 2022 (2 died).

Time hears us
A work created by artist Gamlet Zinkivsky on the ruins of Maslovsky’s lucrative house.
Photo: Gamlet Zinkivskyi

Photo: State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kharkiv region. On the wall of the 4th floor you can see the paintings of the artist Mykola Kolomiyets

It should be noted that along with the building, the famous art pub “Old Man Hem” was destroyed, where Kharkiv intellectuals often gathered. Since 2012, a monument to Ernest Hemingway (sculptor – Alexander Shamray) has been standing at the entrance to the bar, it was also destroyed.