About Us

On this website you will find materials on the history of Kharkiv and Sloboda Ukraine from different eras and enjoy photos of architectural heritage.

We are very different people, and have different professions and hobbies, different views and lifestyles, but we have one common interest – the history of Kharkiv, Ukraine. Each of us knows something about the city. But as you know, knowledge without sharing is mostly nothing. Therefore, at the end of 2014, we created a foundation of people who are not indifferent to Kharkiv history. Initially, our community was called “Kharkiv Moniaсs” as we manically obsessed with the history of our city 😀 In 2015, we renamed our community to “Alluring Kharkiv”. We guided free city tours and gave lectures, but then we focused on research. Kharkiv History night project became a further development of the foundation. Some materials on the website of “Alluring Kharkiv” were written for the “Nakipelo” project.

Our priority is to remember those outstanding residents of our city who were known in old times or are still known abroad, but are practically forgotten in Kharkiv itself.

Love your city and it will love you back. All the fun is just getting started.

Anton Bondarev, founder and researcher
Ivan Ponomarenko, photographer

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Email : moniacs.kh@gmail.com